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What's the fuss with our contactless soap dispenser?

Ever since you had your first home, I'm going to say with a degree of confidence that you've had a soap dispenser in your bathroom or kitchen. Both if you're a bit posh. Neither?! Remind me to never come to yours...;). With the world now a more hygiene conscious place, you're ready to upgrade your hand hygiene and have been searching for an automatic soap dispenser for your bathroom and kitchen. You've come to the right place, so that's the first job well done - guess you want to know more about our contactless soap dispenser? Coming right up! 

Splash automatic soap dispenser for bathroom and kitchen sink

Made from entirely recycled ABS plastic, your Splash soap dispenser is tailor made and luxuriously designed to fit in your bathroom, at your kitchen sink, or to be honest, anywhere you like with the freestanding design.

Unlike many contactless soap dispensers, we have a built-in safety feature that prevents the motor from overheating if the liquid is too thick; this is easily fixed by adding a small amount of water to the liquid and it'll dispense with ease. It's compatible with all soaps and sanitisers from major brands, so not to worry if it is too thick - keep your eyes pealed for an exciting development from us on this too!

Much like we want to look after the planet using entirely recycled materials, we want to avoid as much soap and sanitiser wastage as possible, which is sadly all too common. Have you been to a large shop or supermarket recently and noticed a big mess of soap everywhere by the dispenser or a bucket underneath it? To prevent this from happening, we engineered an anti-drip valve that snaps shut immediately once your liquid is dispensed. Not only will our soap dispenser keep your bathroom and kitchen completely clean and tidy, it's totally safe for kids with this feature to avoid loads of mess! 

Are you about to fall asleep? We could go on and on, but rest assured you've found the best contactless soap dispenser for your kitchen and bathroom and will be blown away by our technology!

A bit of a boring one to begin with, promise they'll get more interesting from here