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How does Splash get your phone so clean?

As a result of Covid-19, you may have been made aware of how filthy your phone is, how important it is to keep it clean and prevent viruses spreading. But how exactly do our screen cleaners keep your phone clean?

As has been outlined by a number of governments around the world, keeping your phone clean is one of the most effective ways in preventing viruses, germs and bacteria from spreading. Alcohol based screen cleaners have been widely discussed as an effective solution, but they are in fact very harmful for your phone and damage the oleophobic coating on screen protectors and phone screens. The oleophobic coating is really important on screens, protecting them from smudges, improves smoothness and reduces fingerprints, so you really don’t want to be damaging this

With this in mind, we thought long and hard to find a screen clean solution that protects you and your phone from germs and bacteria, whilst not damaging the oleophobic coating. The answer? Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Soap. The World Health Organisation are big advocates of it and have published a lot of articles and studies on its effectiveness and antibacterial properties. Our phones are covered in dirt, oil and grease, which germs absolutely love, but sodium laureth sulfate, or soap to you and I, when combined with water thrives in these conditions. The soap acts as a friend with the germs, oil and water, bringing them all together before removing them all when the screen is cleaned with the microfibre cloth

So, if you're still here and didn't fall asleep, the long and short of it is as follows; our screen cleaners combine the World Health Organisation backed sodium laureth sulfate (soap) with water to effectively remove the harmful germs and bacteria your phone is covered in

We've had our screen cleaners tested and they are proven to remove 99.99% of germs and bacteria, as well as preventing harmful viruses such as E.Coli. Click here to get your screen clean now