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Why choose an automatic hand-soap dispenser over a manual soap dispenser?

Automatic soap dispensers have become more of a necessity than a luxury, we won't mention the dreaded C-word (not that one you animal!)...the world has had a heightened awareness of hand hygiene shall we say. Until recently, you may have never even come across a hands-free soap dispenser, so it's probably going to be useful to understand the benefits over a manual soap dispenser. Let's dive in!

automatic hand-soap dispenser dispensing soap into hand
Superior hand hygiene
Completely contactless, hands-free hand washing means there's no cross contamination of bacteria with a touchless soap dispenser. Avoiding direct contact with the soap dispenser means there's much less, 80% in fact, chance of disease and germs spreading. With a high volume of hand contact, manual soap dispensers harbour the dirt from previous users, which in turn multiplies rapidly


Fun to use
It's always cool to use new tech, turning hand hygiene from a laborious task into a fun and enjoyable experience with an automatic hand-soap dispenser. Kids love it too, so you've got the added bonus of encouraging, or not even needing to ask them to wash their hands


Easy to use
Seamless, integrated IR technology means all you have to do is put your hand under the sensor and your soap/sanitiser will dispense automatically. With a touchless soap dispenser, there's really no excuse when it's this easy!


With our built-in anti-drip and anti-clog features, we are increasing the efficiency of your sensor soap dispenser. The anti-drip feature prevents messy spills and unnecessary wastage, whilst the fail safe feature stops liquid that's too thick from clogging the pump. All developed smoothly and harmoniously so you don't have to even think about it



An automatic hand-soap dispenser will provide you with the optimum amount of soap/sanitiser with one use, saving you money by preventing unnecessary liquid being dispensed. Manual soap dispensers are often overused, with the pump used multiple times and too much liquid dispensed, costing your family or business money that could easily be saved

Be smart and choose a Splash touchless soap dispenser. We'll make your life healthier, easier and save you money. We know you'll make the right choice!